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Fresh Experience of the Visit to RAU Pusa

The representatives of the social science group of agropedia holding the last workshop at RAU Pusa wereabuzz with the cumulative experience that they have gained across the many workshops conducted by them. It is worthwhile to mention that given the platform that agropedia is, a workshop on its use needs a very participative ambience if it is to succeed, and ground level participation is of ultimate importance. Unfortunately, many KVKs still are not fluent in the use of the Net and they still need guidance from the training to open an e-mail or set up an account. The problem lies in the fact that Experts do not find it in their comfort zone to use the Net.It is always someone else( Computer programmer or may be his/her child doing the on-line communication for him/her). Well, not that it is his fault, it's the work culture/the peer culture that mends old habits, but there scarcely is such an ambience present in our rural countrysides.Though I admit that it is the other agencies having stake in KVKs and Agridevelopment responsible to this end, yet we are here to encompass in our ambit a composite study of rural livelihoods, so our horizon should be widened enough to bring justification to our purpose. So, before an ambitious flight of fantasy on all KVK scientists using agropedia, basic training on internet usage must precede training on the use of agropedia and its associated tools of vKVK and e2f.  This will prepare the ground for further operational ease on the part of the project as well as the KVKs.

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Solution lies somewhere else !!

In every training programme the participants are taught right from the beginning (entering the site), and opening an account is an important component of the training. There are certain infrastructural and HR related problems like shortage of electricity, the participants not well-versed  and having low confidence in using computers. Solution to these problems lies with other agencies having a stake in KVKs and agri-development in the country and not with the agencies working on the project .

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