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Forming Self Help Group


Characteristics of SHG

          The characteristics of SHG that can lead to a positive change in the lives of its members as well as empowerment are as follows :

Relevance of purpose to members :   The purpose of the group should be clear to all members.
Regular meetings :
Members of SHG should be meeting regularly to discuss issues and take action.
Record keepings :  All the records, minutes of meeting etc should be recorded in written.
Participation of all members : Active participation of all the members is essential.
Group democracy : Within the group, all members should be considered equal.
Cohesion and ability to manage internal conflict : Unity is important for any SHG.
Collective activity and efficacy : Collective activity is a key feature of SHG. Members need to collaborate to solve common problems.
Visibility : The existence of the group should be visible.
Self sustaining : Groups need to financially as well as managerially successful. 

Challenges in forming SHG

  • Aptitude, credibility and trust in facilitator
  • Lack of ownership amongst the community
  • Time availability of rural poor
  • Inequity within groups
  • Fear of being marginalized
  • Quality of leadership
  • Conflicts within groups
  • Politicization and vested interest
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