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Foliar application of Chemical

Foliar application of Chemical

Application of chemicals on the stem, leaves flowers and fruits is called vegetative or foliar application. It is carried out in the form of spraying, dusting and pastes.

1. Spraying: It is more prevalent for fungal disease than for bacterial diseases of the foliage. Wettable chemicals available in solution or emulsified form are used for spraying to provide a protective covering over the surface before arrival of. the pathogen. As a protective layer such toxicants destroy the spores before or after their germination and infection of the host is checked. Many systemic fungicides are used as spray materials.The spraying is influenced by the volume i.e.

a. High volume spray -more than 400 l/ha

b. Low volume spray -5 -400 l/ha

c. Ultra low volume -less than 5 l/ha spray

2. Dusting: Insoluble or non-suspendable materials are used for dusting on the foliage. Fungicides and bactericides are more effective as spray rather than as dust. Dusting is advisable only in very wet weather which favours sticking of chemical of host surface.

3. Pasting and painting: Chemicals are occasionally mixed with water, alcohol, or other carriers and applied as paint or paste on injured surface or parts of the plant. When trees are pruned application of paste or paint is necessary.

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