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Fog Farming for Fresh Water

This innovative technology is based on the fact that water can be collected from fog under favorable climatic conditions. The small water droplets present in the fog precipitate when they come in contact with objects. Fog farming has the potential to provide an alternative source of freshwater in otherwise dry region if harvested through fog collectors. Fog collectors are simple, flat, rectangular nets of nylon supported by a post at either end, and arranged perpendicular to the direction of the prevailing wind. Alternatively, the collectors may be more complex structures, made up of a series of such collection panels joined together. As water collects on the net, the droplets join to form larger drops that fall under the influence of gravity into a trough or gutter at the bottom of the panel, from which it is conveyed to a storage tank or cistern. The collector itself is completely passive, and the water is conveyed to the storage system by gravity. If site topography permits, the stored water can also be conveyed by gravity to the point of use.

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