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Field operarions in cereals during March in Plains

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Agricultural operation: Cereals

Month: March: Plains

Dr. Deepali Tewari Pandey, GBPUAT



  • Give irrigation to maintain sufficient moisture in the field.
  • Remove and destroy weeds like Madusi, jungly jai.
  • Remove the panicles infected with loose smut and destroy them.
  • For the management of aphids spray Endosulfan 35EC @1.25 liter/ha in 800-1000 liter water.


  • Harvest the crop when 75% pods turn golden brown colour.
  • Dry the pods.
  • Keep the seeds in store after drying.


  • Complete the sowing of new crop in the field.
  • Treat the setts with fungicides before sowing.
  • For sowing maintain plant-plant distance of 75cm and use setts with at least 3 eyes.
  • Apply 120-150 kg nitrogen, 50-60 kg phosphorus and 30-40 kg potash per hectare in spring season crop.
  • For the management of weeds spray Simazine 4.0 kg/ha in 600-750 liter water1-2 days after sowing.
  • Intercrop with mung, urd, cowpea etc.


  • Maintain plant-plant distance of 25-30 cm.
  • Apply 40 kg nitrogen/ha in the form of urea.
  • Do hoeing
  • Irrigate the field 15-20 days after sowing.


  • Give light irrigation after flowering.


  • Do hoeing after 25-30 days.
  • If required give irrigation afteer15-20 days interval.

Urd, Mung

  • Use high yielding varieties.
  • Mung

Seed rate=25-30 kg/ha

Line-line distance=25-30 cm

Depth=4-5 cm

  • Urd

Seed rate=30-35 kg/ha

Line-line distance=20-25 cm

Depth=4-5 cm

  • Apply 40-45 kg phosphorus and 20 kg nitrogenous fertilizer per hectare.


  • Give irrigation after every cutting.
  • For seed stop cutting barseem after 2nd fortnight of March.




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