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Feedback Workshop on agropedia, vKVK and KVK-Net at UAS-Raichur

Feedback Workshop on agropedia, vKVK and KVK-Net being held on 29 February, 2012 at UAS-Raichur


An evaluation workshop was organized by IIMC Social Science team at UAS-Raichur on 29th February 2012. The workshop aimed at interacting with persons who have received at least one training on use of agropedia, vKVK and KVK Net. 32 participants attended the workshop comprising of students, university faculties and KVK scientists. The workshop commenced with a presentation on the features of agropedia and functions of vKVK and KVK Net. The objective and motivation behind the newly introduced Krishi Vichar section was discussed with the participants in detail. A feedback questionnaire was administered next to gather responses of participants regarding the knowhow of all the three viz agropedia, vKVK and KVK Net.


Hands-On- Session

The interaction was followed by a hands-on session at the university library. During the session participants created accounts on, browsed through the contents on these sites. Participants also posted in agrowiki, agroblog and forum. They used agrochat for interacting with in house participants. The session was a bit disrupted due to server related issues but in spite of that it was quite interactive. The young participants were very enthusiastic.


  •  Participants recall attending a training programme but most cannot recollect the contents of the training in detail and only few have visited the website after the training. Though they had registered on the site, they forgot their login ids. They came forward with suggestions like follow up training sessions.
  •  Linking with licensed version of international journals in the openagri section will be a great help for the academic community was a suggestion put forward by a student.
  •  Participants, mainly faculty members, find interest when their subject related posts are there but lack motivation to take the lead in putting something up- like one of the professors pointed out the absence of content on sericulture but was reluctant to be the first one to post.
  • All the participants feel that agropedia has great potential and can be beneficial for the agricultural community, however, more content needs to be available on the site and something more has to be done to motivate users to be more participative.