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Please note that this site in no longer active. You can browse through the contents.

Extension Material

The repository of extension material contains what we have termed as the Gyandhara in agriculture.    You can click on the links of Library, Crop Calendar or Dos and Don’ts to get an exhaustive overview of all peer reviewed, or tried, tested and certified information on agriculture. 

The library contents a variety of document-like-information-objects.  This includes documents (in word, pdf, or any other), images, video and audio content on different aspects of agriculture.  Please feel free to add new content, including photographs and video clips, or add comments on the existing content.  Your content will be published after due vetting.  Alternately, you could go to the interaction space and share your views on the agrowiki, agroblog or forum, which will be published on the web instantly.

The crop calendar and dos and don’ts relate to agricultural practices on specific crops.  You can also add your comments on this information