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Experience on one-day workshop on Use and Application of Agropedia

Experience on one-day workshop on Use and Application of Agropedia

The one-day workshop on Use and Application of Agropedia organized at ICRISAT, Patancheru, Andhra Pradesh on 23 Jan 2012 is indeed very informative and useful for me. The introductory lecture on Agropedia by Dr. N T Yaduraju gave overall idea of the present status and prospects of the Information and communications technology (ICT) in agriculture sector.  The idea of overcoming the drawbacks of present agricultural extension system through the ICT is worth mentioning.

The presentation on Agropedia web portal by Ms. Kiran yadav and Mr. G Sreedhar gave an overall glimpse of the portal. The presentation on RKMP by Dr. Shaik N Meera was very much inspirational. Undeniably the effort in developing RKMP is substantial.  The lecture cum presentation on vKVK and KVK-Net by IIT-Kanpur staff is highly informative. Particularly the concept of vKVK is unique and would certainly benefit even the last mile beneficiary i.e. small and marginal farmer.

The hands-on training on Agropedia gave confidence in creating agro-wiki page, agro-blog, forum and agro-chat


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Dear Dr Ramesh Please accept

Dear Dr Ramesh

Please accept our thanks for appreciation. The success of the workshop depends not only our efforts and planning but also on the enthusiam and sincereity of the participants like you. We look forward to see your articles on agropedia.

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