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Evangelisation workshop at MANAGE Hyderabad

Evangelisation workshop at MANAGE Hyderabad

An evangelization workshop was organized by IIM, Calcutta and IIT, Kanpur at MANAGE, on the 14th of March 2012. Mr. Suneel Pandey (IITK) and Ms. Koyel Khan (IIMC) from the agropedia team conducted the workshop. The workshop was on three platforms agropedia, KVK-Net and vKVK. The main aim stands to let people know about this agricultural website browse it and seek the benefit out of it. The workshop was organized with a view to create awareness among the agricultural people and the community as a whole.

The workshop started in the afternoon and began with a presentation on agropedia. It talked about the basic features and structure of the website for better understanding and easy browsing in future. A demonstration of all the aspects of the site followed the presentation.

In this session the participants are given practical training on how to operate the agropedia site. The   main objective is to make the users familiar with the contents and features of the website so that one is able to click on the right link on the webpage and easily access the right information. During the training session the participants saw the 'knowledge models' of various crops created by the NAIP partners.  The focus then shifted to Extension Material which consists of 'library' where one can search for certified information specific to their need, and also add content to it.

Then the demonstration shifted to the aspect of interactive content creation within the agropedia website. During this session, the features of web pages titled 'agroblog', 'agrowiki', 'forum', 'agrochat' and 'users discussion' were demonstrated and explained. Here the participants were trained on different methods to participate in contributing knowledge to the agropedia.

Since the participants consisted of mainly students and professors, only a brief presentation and demonstration of KVK-Net and vKVK was given since these two are mainly for KVK scientists.

With this the workshop came to an end. Due to shortage of time a hands on session could not be conducted. We hope that the next time round we will have more time and greater participation for our evangelisation workshop on agropedia.