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Emu Farming in Punjab

About one year back extremely few farmers in Punjab were aware about the existence of the emu bird or the scope of emu farming. But in the past year, the scenario has changed very rapidly. A lot of farmers in Punjab are now actively seeking more information about the emu birds and many of them have ventured into the profitable business of emu farming. So what is it that is drawing the farmers to rearing this exotic bird?

The Emu Farming business was established in India during the mid 1980’s, when a large stock of birds was imported from Texas. It has now developed into a very profitable business in South India. Emu Birds are mainly reared for their meat, oil and leather.  The Emu oil has been proven to have many medicinal qualities and is in a very high demand in the western countries. The emu meat contains very cholesterol and has been recommended by the American Heart Association to heart patients. From emu feathers to emu eggshells, everything can be sold.

Farmers in Punjab have now realized the huge profit potential this bird carries. Backed by a 25% Subsidy from NABARD, Emu Farming in Punjab is picking up at exponential rates. The Emu bird being naturally immune to almost all diseases and being able to survive in almost any climatic condition, has led to the adoption of emu farming in all regions of Punjab.  

International businesses are now headed towards India to take advantage of the untapped potential that emu farming holds in India and especially in Punjab, where it is a new concept.  One such organization is Zinosi Business Solutions Ltd. of the United Kingdom, which has proven expertise in the field of agro-biotechnology. Talking about the potential of emu farming in Punjab, Mr Abhit Jhanji from Zinosi spoke “Emu Farming is a burgeoning field in agriculture in Punjab and has a very bright future here in our opinion. The farmers also have now become aware of this potential and we are receiving numerous queries from farmers everyday asking for more information on the field of emu farming and also for creation of emu farming project reports for submission to banks to get the loan.  Through our website, we are trying to provide professional guidance and consultation to the aspiring emu farmers in India, so that they don’t fall prey to industry malpractices of the past such as improper feed, wrong farm setup, unhygienic breeding of birds etc. that has led to degradation of the quality of emu birds in India.”


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