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Emu farming a popular new trend in Orissa

Emu farming a popular new trend in Orissa

Farmers of Orissa's Gajapati District have discovered a new way to make money through Emu farming, or 'golden farming' as it is popularly known.

"Emu is an Australian bird and now it is being farmed in different countries and also in India. They are very much resistant to diseases, which is the biggest plus point in farming a bird. In other farmings the chances of disease resistance is less," said Niranjan Patnaik, a farm owner.

"Emu is a totally medicated bird. The oil, which is produced by them, is also medicated. It has zero percent cholesterol. It is prescribed by the American doctors," said Lambodhar Mohapatra, veterinary doctor.

Emu meat is very healthy and contains low amounts of fat and cholesterol. Emu oil is also estimated to be highly medicinal and is gaining popularity in the pharmaceutical industry priced at around Rupees 4,500 per litre.

Emu farming is not labour-intensive and it is compatible with rearing other livestock. The birds are also said to be highly disease-resistant.

In winter, female emus lay eggs after a gap of every three days. Using an incubator/hatchery, eggs hatch in 49 to 52 days. Areas with water availability in abundance are appropriate to practice this unique farming.

Emus need space to roam freely and if cornered, they can get aggressive by kicking their feet at the target. An area of 3,000 square feet is considered optimum for raising five pairs of Emus.

From a 14 to18-month-old bird, 20 kilogram of flesh and at least four litres of oil can be derived.

According to the American Cardiac Association, emu meat is very healthy and contains very low amounts of fat and cholesterol. Moreover, emu oil estimated to be highly medicinal is gaining its popularity in the pharmaceutical industry and is priced around Rs 4,500 per litre.

Emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae), a flightless bird, is also the largest bird in Australia and the second largest in the world after its distant cousin, the ostrich. It can reach up to six ft (2m) in height and 66-100 pounds (30-45 kilograms) in weight.


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In India, emu meat has

In India, emu meat has started getting in demand as people have become more aware of eating healthy. It is really nice that each and every part of the body of these birds is commercially valuable. Therefore, Emu farming in India is rapidly growing as it gives excellent profit for the business. They are easy to farm and business owner get high potential profit by selling young and adult Emu bird. Their main product consists of meat and oil which is also exported to various supermarkets. The health and beauty industry also use emu oil and skin in various remedies. As far as Indian environment is concerned, a highly living-friendly atmosphere in the country is perfect for this business. The main work of workers in EMU farms is to give proper food and water to the birds and to collect their excreta like. EMU farming is more profitable business as compared to conventional agriculture. To establish farm, you just need to have non-agricultural or barren land with a water runoff facility. Build a grilled fence is sufficient to give excellent protection to the birds. Their diet must be proper with energy concentration. The readymade food for Emus is also available in the market, so there is no need to worry at all for nutrients required for proper growing of EMUs. I think in future this business will grow even more rapidly.

Emu Farming in India

Although emu farming in India is flourishing but it is unsure whether farmers here have the technology and resources necessary to actually export emu meat and emu products to the regulated market or not. Get the best information on setting up an international standard emu farm from an experienced emu researcher from the UK.


emu farming in india

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A good alternative of fowls


The disaster of bird flu during past several years has imposed a great threat to poultry farming in many countries. Emu, resistant to diseases having several other benefits could be a best option for farmers in these areas.  Farmers must always be ready to try new technologies and innovations.


EMU farming is easy

Hi, all emu farming is such an wonderful business and it gains lot of importance among public. People are so curious to know about. I am here to provide full technical details, the disadvantages and advantages in it. It is highly risk less business. I have helped around 190 farmers and made them to earn in their own way. I will definitely help people as much information as i can. Please call me @919884882931. Emu chicks need to be carefully bought.

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