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An effective method for cloning of partial MADS-box genes related to flower development in groundnut

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Yuan, M. ; Sharma, K.K.; Anjaiah, V. ; Li, S.L.,( Li Shuang-ling ) ; Tao, H.T.,( Tao Hai-teng ) ; Ren, Y.,( Ren Yan ) ; Yu, S.L.,( Yu Shan-lin )
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Journal of SAT Agricultural Research
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3 pp.
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Based on the most conserved region of the MADS box, a pair of degenerate primers were designed and used to amplify the genomic DNA of groundnut (cv. JL 24). The results indicate that an amplified fragment, related to flower development, showed a high homology to the MADS-box protein of Arabidopsis thaliana. This study laid the foundation for obtaining the full length of the MADS-box gene in groundnut.

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