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Ecofriendly Edible Cutlery

You can have the spoon and eat it too! The spoon is just not edible but also nutritious. Edible cutlery offers an interesting alternative to the non-biodegradable plastic ones. "Sale of plastic cutlery, growing at a rate of about 30 per cent, is generating significant non-biodegradable waste and contributing to overflowing landfills. Edible cutlery is the only solution that provides the same convenience of disposable forks, spoons and chopsticks," says Narayana Peesapaty, managing director of the Hyderabad-based startup BK Environmental Innovations Private Limited, which developed edible cutlery by baking a mix of sorghum (jowar), rice and wheat flour. A splash of color is added to the cutlery by including spinach (green), beet root (red) or carrot (orange) pulp to the product mix. Some hotels are already using it, but its wide spread use is still a debate.

Since the concept is likely to benefit jowar farmers, we have to take every occasion to popularize this cutlery. We might use it in offices and during conferences and workshops. Of course we don't expect our delegates to gobble these spoons and forks,  but they are at least biodegradable. They needn't even be washed with detergent and water like steel cutlery. Aren't we saving water? How about using the used edible cutlery as animal feed?

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The idea is really cool. Good that some hotels are already using it. It will help creating awareness among people. Our aim should be to initiate people to use the edible cultry whenever any official or social gatherings are organized and help in increasing its usage.

Good news for the jowar growing farmers also and thanks for publishing such useful information.

very true

this is very interesting. I also carry the cloth bag when go to market daily, I think every people contribute. I say, "change yourself save earth"

Edible cutlery for birthdays

Thanks for liking this information. I will take the earliest opportunity to buy some edible cutlery. They make ideal gifts for children during birthdays and other social gatherings. 

More information on availability of edible cutlery

This is a very interesting mail and certainly a novel idea.  Pease could you provide further details of BK Environmental Innovations Private Limited and how they are to be contacted?

Another area where initiatives are lacking is developing good quality bio degradable glasses at a reasonable cost - I would think this would be another good business opportunity

Contact person and address for edible cutlery

Thanks for liking this idea. The contact address is given below. You can get in touch with Ms. Rama Devi Rayapudi, CEO B K Environmental Innovations. Her contact number is +91- 98487 14744. She said that the product is available in Spencer's retail outlets.

BK Environmental Innovations (P) Ltd.

Corporate Office:1-9-315 & 316, Street No. 7, Vidyanagar, Hyderabad:500044. Andhra Pradesh, India.

Tel: +91-93473 19453.

Factory: 2-3-745/A Ambarpet (Ashoka Biscuit Compound), Hyderabad:500044. Andhra Pradesh, India.

Tel: +91-98487 14744.


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