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Early Warning and Forecasting of Drought

10.      Early Warning and Forecasting of Drought


Drought in the Indian region can be monitored from the progress of onset and withdrawal of southwest monsoon.  Weather forecasts broadly can be classified into three categories viz., (i) short range forecast (validity for less than 3 days), (ii) medium range forecast (validity from 3-10 days period), and (iii) long range forecast (validity for more than 10 days). These forecasts are issued by the India Meteorological Department through All India Radio, Doordarshan, private channels and various Newspapers.  The  National  Centre  for  Medium Range   Weather   Forecast   in   the   department   of   Science   and   Technology disseminates  weather  related  information  through  its  network  of  82  Agro-met Advisory Service (AAS) units located mainly in State Agricultural Universities and ICAR institutes. The ICAR funded All India Coordinated Research Project on Agro-meteorology is operative at 22 centres in the country.  The main objectives of this project are: characterization of climate, crop-weather relations, crop  weather  modeling,  weather  related  forewarning  of  incidence  of  diseases and pests and agro advisory service to the farmers. Some private companies are also collecting and trading weather information to bankers, insurance and forward trading agencies.

















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