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Dry Root Rot in Chickpea

Dry root rot

Dry root rot.
Dry root rot.
Note the lack of finer roots.

    General :

  • caused by Rhizoctonia bataticola (Macrophomina phaseolina).

  • The disease appears suddenly when ambient temperatures are between 25-30C.

  • soil borne disease.

Symptoms :

  • The disease generally appears around flowering and podding time as scattered dried plants.

  • Drooping of petioles and leaflets is confined to top of the plant. Sometimes when the rest of the plant is dry, the top most leaves are chlorotic.

  • The tap root is dark, shows signs of rotting, and is devoid of most of its lateral and finer roots.

     Control :

  • Avoiding high fertility will reduce the disease.
  • Seed tratment with captan/ thiram/ benlate/ PCNB at 3 gkg-1 of seed.
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