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Drought Management Strategy for 2009

12. Drought Management Strategy for 2009


In most of the drought situations normal cropping systems and cultivation practices are not possible especially under rainfed conditions. In irrigated areas also,  additional  efforts  are  required  for  efficient  utilization  of  resources  with suitable water management  strategy  and agronomic  manipulations  in  view  of higher demand and reduced supplies. The implications of delayed monsoon are more devastating in dry land agriculture without ground water utilities. Under such  a  situation, suitable steps are needed  for growing  alternative  crops,  their varieties,  special  cultural  practices,  plant  protection  measures and efficient nutrient, soil and water management so as to contain reduction in production to the minimum possible.   In 2009 early arrival of monsoon triggered the process of sowing and transplanting in some parts of the country.  Subsequent dry spells led to mortality, poor crop stand and even re-sowing with additional expenditure in the inputs. The short term strategy to moderate current drought impact and medium  or  long  term  strategy  needed  to  negate  such  calamities  in  future are discussed below.







                                                                                                                                       Ministry of Agriculture, GOI.





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