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Drought in Andhra Pradesh: Some coping strategies

The kharif season is  almost in its fag end and  it has started to rain a bit  in the Telangana and Rayalaseema areas of Andhra Pradesh. With the sowing window closed for most kahrif crops, the only hope is for some short duration pulses and fodder crops. This will help alleviate drought for the livestock. With only a few weeks left for the kharif season to close, it is very unlikey that any crop would complete its yield cycle. However,  the farmers can't sit quite either. They must take this chance to raise at least some fodder. For livestock are the best bet for coping with drought. 

Some resources at times of drought could be

The All India Coordinated Project for Agrometerology (AICRPAM) issues weekly advisories to select dryland researches spread across the country. It gives an idea of what could be done at times of delayed or trancated monsoon at . You may also like to visit the web page of NAIP sub project to see some stories

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