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Downey Mildew: Fungal disease of vegetable pea


Downey Mildew:

Causal Organism:  Peronospora viciae (formerly P. pisi),

  • It is caused by a soil borne fungal pathogen.
  • The pathogen does not transmitted by seed internally or externally.


  • A grayish white moldy growth appears on the lower leaf surface, and a yellowish area appears on the opposite side of the leaf.
  • Infected leaves can turn yellow and die if weather is cool and damp.
  • Stems may be distorted and stunted.
  • Brown blotches appear on pods, and mold may grow inside pods.


  • Grow resistant or tolerant cultivars.
  • Follow 2-3 years of crop rotation.
  • Burn or bale infested pea straw after harvest

Spray of Mancozeb @ 0.25% at seven days interval gives good control. 



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