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Dos and don'ts in Sugarcane

Healthy seed material free from pests and diseases should be selected for seed purpose because most of the seed borne diseases and pests transfer from seed. Seed cane should also be taken from well manured,  erect and healthy crop of not more than 10-12 months.

 Dos in Sugarcane

  • Healthy seed material free from pest and diseases should be selected for seed purpose. Seed cane should be taken from well manured , erect and healthy crop of not more than 10-12 months.
  • Select the top one-third portion of a cane being comparatively immature has buds of high viability and is best for sowing.
  • The canes should be cut into three budded setts usually 30 to 45 centimeter long. About 35000 to 40000 setts are needed to plant one hectare to obtain from about 75-80 quintals of canes.
  • Seed treatment is necessary for prevention of fungal diseases. For seed treatment setts should be dipped 15 minutes in a solution of Bavistin 100 gm and Malathion 250 ml in 100 liters of water.
  • Give optimum amount of nitrogenous fertilizer because to little amount results in lower cane yields while too much results in poorer quality juice.
  • Judicious use of water is necessary because water is one of the main factors which govern the cane yield and sugar recovery.
  • Drainage is also equally important in waterlogged areas. Drain away excess water from the sugarcane fields if they get flooded during the rainy season. Due to waterlogged conditions the quality of cane deteriorates greatly. Drainage greatly helps not only in increasing the yield of cane but also sucrose content of cane.
  • Earthing should be done where crop planted by flat system.Earthing should be done in the month of June- July after giving final top dressing of nitrogenous fertilizer. At this stage good earthing up of the crop prevents lodging of the cane.
  • For saving canes from lodging tying is necessary. Tying should done in August when cane reaches about 2 meters height.

    Don'ts in Sugarcane

  • Bottom portion of cane should not be selected for seed purpose because it is rich in sugar and takes long time in germination.
  • Don't select the seed from ratoon crop because these canes may carry the disease of the previous crop.
  • Don't use high doses of nitrogen because it reduces sugar content in juice.


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don't ever waste valuable cane. use as less seed as possible. plantation with 4000 plants can also give equalant yield as that of 4tons of seed- in good conditions.