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Doob ghas

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Common Name: Bermuda grass or Star grass  
Scientific Name: Cynodon dactylon L.  


  1. It is much branched, leafy perennial grass.
  2. It has numerous runners and stolons which are pale-white, hard, and covered with small, Scaly leaves.
  3. The culms are 3-30 cm long.
  4. It is a noxious weed.
  5. In non crop situations the grass fills irrigation channels and drainage ditches and checks water flow there.

Control Measures

  1. Use Pendimethylene as pre-emergence @ 1.0 kg per ha at 0-3 days after sowing in 750 litres of water.
  2. Apply Isoproturon @0.75-1.25 kg per ha days after sowing or first irrigation at CRI stage.In light soil, the rate should be 0.75 kg per ha. And in case of heavy soil, the rate should be 1.25 kg per ha.

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