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Distribution of area and yield of wheat crop


Distribution of area and yield of wheat crop

Wheat is world's leading cereal crop, cultivated over an area about 215 million hectares with a production of 584 million tonnes of grain. Maximum area under wheat is in China followed by India, while the  production China stand first and India ranks second. As  regard the average yield per hectare, UK ranks first followed by France .The average wheat yield is only 2583 kg per hectare in India which is much lower than most of wheat growing countries of the world.

In India is wheat is the main cereal crop in respect of area and production it occupies the second position, being beading exceed only by rice. The area and production, along with yield per hectare of wheat in different state viz. Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab Rajasthan, Bihar, Haryana, Maharashtra and Gujarat are major wheat growing state in the country. Though the maximum acreage and production of wheat is in Uttar Pradesh but Punjab give the highest average yield per hectare (4332 Kg/ha.) followed by Haryana (3916 kg/ha.). India accounts about 12 per cent of the total wheat production of the world.  



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