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Directorate of Rice Research

Directorate of Rice Research


ABOUT US: Directorate of Rice Research (DRR), (, formerly All India Coordinated Rice Improvement Project (AICRIP), was established by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) in 1965 with its national headquarters at Hyderabad. DRR in its 44th year of useful existence has contributed significantly in overall rice production front which has ensured food security for the country.

Directorate of Rice Research, was established by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) in 1965 with its national headquarters at Hyderabad to organize and coordinate multi-location testing of genetic lines and technologies for crop production and protection generated across the country. The Project was elevated to Directorate of Rice Research in 1975 with an added mandate of research in the thrust areas of irrigated rice. The Directorate continues its multi-location All India Coordinated Rice Improvement Programmme (AICRIP) with active partnership of 47 funded cooperating centers affiliated to State Agricultural Universities (SAUs), State Department of Agriculture and other Research Institutes of ICAR. Over 50 voluntary centers participate in this multi-location testing program. DRR in its 40th year of useful existence has contributed significantly in overall rice production.

RESEARCH: The Institutes research work programme aims for the welfare of the present and future generations to Indian rice farmers and consumers by ensuring food and nutritional security and to develop the technologies to enhance rice productivity, resource and input use efficiency and profitability of rice cultivation without adversely affecting the environment. Some current research going on process are developed agronomic packages for irrigated rice varieties including basmati rice and hybrids, identified several modified N sources and innovative techniques for N management suitable for different ecosystems, developed efficient integrated nutrient management strategies for irrigated rice. Ecosystem specific effective herbicides have been identified. An efficient 8 row drum seeder has been developed and demonstrated widely. Drum seeding not only saves labour costs by 35% but also enhanced grain yield and facilitated intercultural operations.  Pre-sowing hardening of rainfed upland rice genotypes was found to confer adequate tolerance to water stress during post flowering phase with 20-30% higher yields than control.

EXTENSION: DRR conducts short term refresher courses for the subject matter specialists and senior level extension functionaries of various state departments of agricultural as well as State Agricultural Universities. For this purpose a Communication and Training Centre (CTC) was established at DRR in 1980. The Directorate of Extension (DOE), strengthened the training facilities at DRR and recognized it as the Advanced Training Centre (ATC) on Rice and renamed it as Centre of Excellence for Training (CET) in Rice. In 2000 CTC was renamed into Transfer of Technology and Training (TTT) Section. TTT conducts both national and international training programs on various aspects of Rice Production and Protection technology. Some of the national level training courses are sponsored by Directorate of Extension, New Delhi, and Directorate of Rice Development (DRD), Patna for the benefit of different levels of extension functionaries from the state departments of agriculture. TTT conducts specialized workshops/training programs of 3-5 days duration for senior level state/central government functionaries, faculty of State Agricultural Universities and seed production & marketing personnel for private agro-industries. Some of the custom made training programs are organized as self-financed programs sponsored by various agro-inputs agencies and interested State Departments of Agriculture. The international training programs on specialized themes are organized in collaboration with the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Rome, and the United  Nations Development Program (UNDP) for the scientists, master trainers and subject matter specialists from the Asian countries. 

  ADDRESS: Directorate of Rice Research
                    (Indian Council of Agricultural Research)
Rajendranagar, Hyderabad-500030

                     Tel. No. +91-40-24591217/+91-40-24591257/256

                     Fax. No. +91-40-24591217


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