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Differences between seed and grain

Differences between  seed and grain

Seed  Grain
  • It should be a viable one
  • Need not be a viable one
  • It should have maximum genetic and physical purity
  • Not so
  • Should satisfy minimum seed certification standards
  • No such requirements
  • It should be completely treated with pesticide/fungicide to protect seed against storage pests and fungi 
  • It should never be treated with any chemical, since used for consumption 
  • Respiration rate and other physiological and biological processes should be kept at low level during storage
  • No such specifications
  • Should be compulsorily certified/truthful  labeled
  • No such condition in grain production
  • Should  never be converted into grain unless warranted
  • Can be converted as seed provided  the situation warrants
  • It should satisfy all the quality norms
  • Not considered



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