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Cut worms of Chickpea

Cut worms
Adult Cutworm Damage symptoms :
  • Seedlings are cut through at or below ground level.

  • A search around such seedlings will reveal the larvae.

Description :

  • Moths have brown forewings and pearly hind-wings with a brown margin

  • Cream-colored eggs are laid singly on the plants or soil surface.

  • The large larvae, 45 mm long and are grey- black hide beneath the soil surface during day and feed on foliage during nights.

Control :

  • Usually heavily parasitized and so control is seldom required.
  • When damage is noticed it is too late to use insecticides economically.
  • In endemic areas, spraying of endosulfan, heptachlor, or aldrin.

  • Poisoned bran baits.

Adult Cutworm
Cutworm larva
Cutworm larva
Damage to seedling
Damage to seedling
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