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Cultural weed control in Chickpea

Cultural weed control in Chickpea:

  • Summer ploughing 2-3 times and leave the field for solarization.
  • Solarization can be done by giving light irrigation in morning and then covering the field by polythene so that the weeds are killed due to heat effect. 
  • Prepare stale seed bed and allow the weeds to germinate either by irrigation or pre monsoon shower and then killing them by shallow harrowing.
  • Always use certified and weed free seeds.
  • Timely sowing should be done.
  • Narrow row spacing and higher seed rate is effective in reducing weed growth.
  • Line sowing should be done to facilitate inter-culture operations.
  • Plant population should be maintained to its optimum right from its beginning to minimize the crop weed competition.
  • Inter-culture operation-using hoe to remove all the weeds in between the row.
  • Mulches like straw hay etc can be used and then these can be placed in between the rows to suppress the weed growth.



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