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Cucurbits crop calendar for January month


Cucurbits crop calendar for January month

Name of  Pests/Diseases  Damaging symptoms   Photo gallery  Management 

Serpentine leaf miner,

Liriomyza trifolii 


Drying and dropping of leaves due to infestation 

Spray monocrotophos 36 SL @ 1.5 ml/l  OR NSKE @ 4 %.

Pumpkin beetles  Leaves with holes and sickly appearance     

Spray malathion @ 1.0 ml/l  OR quinolphos @ 1.0 ml/l  ORCarbaryl @ 4g/l


Cucurbits anthracnose


Small yellowish or water soaked ulcer like areas on foliage and on fruits

   Spray Mancozeb or Hexacab 0.25% or carbendazim 0.1% at 10 days interval 
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