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Crop Care in Chilli

Crop Care in Chilli

(i) Irrigation

  • Depending of soil and climatic conditions irrigate the crop 5-7 days once.
  • In black soils irrigate 15 days once.

(ii) Top dressing

  • Inter-cultivation needs to be done every 10-15 days once to check the weeds.
  • Six weeks after transplanting do the hand weeding and apply remaining 50 percent of recommended in organic fertilizers and do earthing up.

(iii) Use of growth regulators

  • At the time of flower initiation spray the crop with 50 ppm NAA.
  • Second spray one week after first spray this avoids flower dropping.

(iv) Weed control

  • Spray of pre-emergent weedcide viz., butachlor @ 1.50litre per hectare.
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