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Critical stages of scented rice

Favorable optimum temperature for various growth stages of rice

  • Germination: 21-31 deg-C
  • Transplantation: 15 deg-C
  • Growth in Height: 25 deg-C
  • Tillering: 32-34 deg-C (Flower initiation)
  • Day Temperature: 25-30 deg-C
  • Night Temperature: 20-25 deg-C
  • Anthesis: 30 deg-C
  • Ripening: 23 deg-C
  • Fertility: 14-38 deg-C

Critical stages

The following stages are critical and hence the crop should be saved from stress (moisture, nutrition, heat, weeds sunlight etc)

  • Emergence
  • Tillering
  • Panicle Initiation (PI)
  • Booting
  • Heading
  • Ripening.


  • Use certified seeds
  • Select varieties recommended for your zone.
  • For high breeds fresh seeds should be purchased every year.
  • Raise healthy nursery by using recommended doses of fertiliser and controlling pests.
  • Add well decomposed farm yard mannure or green mannure and incorporate by puddling.
  • Apply basally recommended fertilisers before the last puddle and incorporate.
  • Ensure proper levelling of the field.
  • Transplant 25 days seedlings.
  • Plant at shallow depths of 3-4 cm.
  • For delayed planting use 5-6 seedligs/hill.
  • Proper water management facilitates good tillering.
  • Maintain 2-5 cm water through out the growing seasson.
  • Drain out water before topdressing with nitrogen fertiliser.
  • Depending on the soil type, drain out water after 50 % Floweing.
  • The above ensures fast ripening of grains.
  • In pest endemic areas, cultivate resistant/tolerant varities.
  • Specially for Gallmildge, Brown plaanthopper. or stem borer.
  • Use only the recommended does of fungicide or insecticide.
  • Do not apply granules after booting stage.
  • At flowering stage, dust or spray only afternoon or evening.
  • For brown plant hopper and white backed plant hopper, direct spray or dust towards the basal portion.



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