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Cotton whitefly

Whiteflies: Bemisia tabaci (Aleyrodidae:Hemiptera)

Kannada name: Beli nona


  • Nymphs and adults are sluggish creatures, clustered together on the under surface of the leaves.
  • Nymphs are pale yellow and adults are yellowish with white waxy coating on the body.
  • The hind wings are prominently long.
  • Eggs are laid singly on the under surface of the leaves.
  • Routinely check all parts of all fields for whiteflies using adult and nymph scouting methods  


                   Whitefly on leaf                 Nymph                       Adult                            Sucking sap

Damage symptoms 

  • Yellowing, crinkling of leaves and development of black sooty mold on leaves.
  • Premature dropping of squares and bolls

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