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Cotton jassids

Jassids: Amrasca biguttula biguttula Ishida  (Cicadellidae:Hemiptera)      


Adults : about 3 mm long and greenish yellow during summer whereas they develop reddish tinge during winter. The hind portion of the forewings has two black spots on the vertex.

Nymph: are greenish yellow and wedge shaped.

Eggs: laid into the parenchymatous tissue of the leaves.

Nymph and adult stages last for 7-21 days and 35-50 days respectively. There are a total of 7-8 generations in a year.  


                                      Nymph                                        Adult 

Damage symptoms:

  • Infestation starts from 15-20 DAS.
  • Yellowing, reddening along the leaf margin and complete drying of leaves


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