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Cotton aphid

Aphids: Aphis gossypii: (Aphididae: Hempitera)

Kannada name: Henu


Aphids are small, soft-bodied insects with a pair of tubular structures, live in colonies and reproduce parthenogeneticlly.

Nymph: light yellowish green, or greenish black or brownish. Nymphal period lasts for 7-9 days.

Adults: are mostly wingless, but few winged forms can also be seen with thin transparent wings. Adults live for 12-20                         days.Females are either lay eggs or directly produce young ones which mature in about 7 days, hence population increases very fast.


                    Nymph                                                     Adult                                 Aphids on cotton plant

  Damage symptoms:

  • Yellowing, crinkling of leaves and development of black sooty mildew on leaves
  • November or December month the infestation is more seviour


                                                    Damaging symptom

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