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Control measures for TELYA disease on pomegranate

Eradication of TELYA disease on pomegranate

  • TELYA disease on pomegranate is also known as Bacterial Blight.
  • A specific acting bactericide on TELYA disease has been developed. Bacterial Blight on Pomegranate can now be successfully tackled using "TELBA"- A specific acting bactericide capable of killing Xanthomonas axonopodis pv punicae- A bacterial responsible for the disease.
  • Eradicate the disease in 3 days by drenching the soil and applying spray of Streptocycline @ 0.5 g per liter and mixing with COC 2 g per liter on three consecutive days. Bacteria will get completely killed. After 3 days you will find that the oily spots are arrested, not growing and are dried up completely.
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