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Contradictory farming approaches

Farming system approach is being advocated in a big way these days. On the other hand commercialization of farming sector is coming up very fast. Are the two concepts not contradictory to each other. I invite the guests and solicit their comments on the issue.

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Farming system approach and commercial approach in agricultural

Definitely, the farming system approach and commercial approach in agricultural are contradictory to each other. At one side the commercial approach have the objective of profit and production maximization along with cost minimization. Whereas at another side farming system reveals the better utilization of imitated resource, suitable combination of various enterprises with the aim of profit maximization without harm and loss to the environment, soil and natural resources.

 Actually, in commercial cultivation we can maximize the production by using the various new technologies such as application of inorganic synthetic fertilizers, chemical pesticides, growth promoters, etc. but the natural resources such as soil fertility get exhausted year after year and after a definite period we are unable to get such production for long run. Organic manure, biological products etc. renew the soil fertility, improve its chemical and physical property.

Actually, there must be integrated approach for resource selection and also in enterprise combination. The organic / biological resource must supplement the synthetic/chemical resource of cultivation. Each enterprise as well as component of cropping system must have complimentary effects with each other.

Farming system approach is the need of judicious exploitation of natural resources for better and optimum satisfaction of human need.


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