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Concept Maps

Dear Friends,

I would like to suggest in creating a concept maps, we must used standard color to represent a subject/field in all the concept map.  Thus, this will make easy to identify the subject/field at one glance by color to any map.

Like blue color represent fresh water/ocean area in any country map. Likewise we can standardise colors for the different field use in concept maps.

Need Experts decision.

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Colouring the subject fields in C-maps


I do agree with your opinion. My comment would be to standerdise a particular colour for each broad aspect of the concept. May be each colour for Basics-crop history, production aspects, protection aspects, post harvest aspects, marketing and value addition etc....., and this should be uniform and strictly adopted in all C-maps., then it will be easy to catch the details in C-maps.


Regarding 'Discussion on KM'

Dear friends,

Thanks for your suggestions on KM, our experts are looking into it.

For your convenience agropedia now has a separate space for discussion on knowledge maps under the heading Shortcuts -> 'Discussion on KM' on the home page.

You can now add your comments and views on our knowledge models there.

So keep discussing as the more you discuss, the better we develop.


agropedia team
IIT Kanpur



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