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I am Dr.A.K.Kar.I have hosted two website for benifit of farmers.My first website is .It is a discussion forum on  Agriculture & allied sector  like animal husbandry ,fish farming etc. The main objective of the forum is sharing of Knowledge experience & expertise between scientists, farmers & entrepreneurs for promotion of agriculture & allied sector of both  India & world.My second website is .This website contains many animal farming project reports like Dairy farm project report, poultry project report, goat project report & emu project report.Information on all government schemes are also available in my websites.

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Environment Control Poultry House

Environment Control Poultry Houses are now gaining popularity both in broiler poultry farming & in layer farming. In this system of housing temperature & humidity are maintained at desirable level with the help of fan, cooling pad & electronic controller. Birds remain comfortable . Energy loss is low in this type housing. There is improvement in feed conversion ratio (FCR) .Simply speaking less feed is required to produce a KG of broiler meet in comparison to conventional housing . The controller monitors house environmental conditions and adjusts the heating & ventilation. In case of broiler there is more production of meet & more egg in case of layer.Here is a video of an Environment Controlled Poultry Houses.


Dear All
National Symposium On Newer Approaches In Welfare And Health Management of Captive and Free Ranging Wild Animals’ is going to be organized at Bhubaneswar from 19th to 20th April 2013.Registration form & for other details are available at :-


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