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Commercialisation of Agriculture

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A debate needs to be initiated on commercialisation of agriculture and what is its impact on modern society. We have two models which represent the two ends and today are we, in a sense oscillating between these two ends like a pendulum. The two models are the American  and the Russian(Soviet).

Soviet Russia and its satellite states in Eastern Europe(Poland, Hungary,Czechoslovakia and others) promoted agriculture within a rigid socialist framework . It was a carefully blended mix of state farming and cooperative farming. The socialist ideology however was not constrained in any way and encouraged the unfettered use of modern science and technology, in turn helping to convert the whole of Eastern Europe into a bread basket.

On the other side it was the United States and its satellites(Canada, Mexico and Western Europe) fired by the liberal ideology did not permit any socialist intervention(either the state or cooperatives). Consequently agriculture grew into a gigantic commercial enterprise,and  where large corporate entities and entrepreneurial initiative in general found a place to thrive and prosper.  Investment in modern agrarian practices meant reaping great harvests and a culture of plenty. Much of North America and Western Europe became a vast granary pretty much like the Soviet block.


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