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Commercial Floricultural Crops.

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Commercial Floricultural Crops

Commercial floriculture of India encompasses of plants for cut flowers, loose flowers, cut foliages/greens, essential oils for perfumery industry, bedding purposes, pot culture, indoor gardening, and drying of flowers and plant parts for floral arrangement and craft.

1-      Contemporary / Commercial Cut flowers

·         Herbaceous Annuals and Biennials

·         Herbaceous perennials

·         Bulbous plants

2-      Traditional Loose Flowers

·         Herbaceous annuals and biennials

·         Herbaceous perennials

3-      Cut Foliage or Greens

·         Major cut greens

·         Minor cut greens

·         Annuals as cut greens

4-      Floral perfumery (Essential oil yielding crops)

·         Major floral perfumery crops

·         Minor floral perfumery crops

5-      Production of ornamentals for indoor gardening and interior scaping/home gardening/ roof gardening/ terrace gardening / miniature landscaping

·         House plants

·         Indoor plants

·         Live/ pot plants

6-      Ornamentals with aesthetic dried plant parts and floral craft

·         Cones, needles, bark and shoots

·         Foliage

·         Stems/branches

·         Flowers/inflorescence/flowering shoots,

·         Seeds /fruits/fruiting shoots

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