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Colletotrichum Blight of Chickpea

Colletotrichum blight
Dried-up plants in the field
Dried-up plants in the field
Lesions on the pods and seeds
Lesions on the pods and seeds

   General Information:

  • caused by Colletotrichum dematium.

  • Seed and soil borne disease.

  • Fatal in the early sown. (September) crop when the temperatures are high (25 - 300C).Normally does not occur in post-rainy-season crop, except under unusual rains.

    Symptoms :

  • Dried-up and killed plants scattered in the field .

  • On seedlings: (1) elongated, sunken, dark brown spots on the lower part of the stem, (2) wilting and drying due to severe infection.

  • On leaves and pods , lesions are circular to elongate, sunken at the center.

   Control :

A minor disease and does not require any specific control measure.  

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