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Collar Rot of Chickpea

Collar rot
Lesions on leaflets     General Information :
      • caused by Sclerotium rolfsil.
      • Associated with high soil moisture content and presence of undecomposed organic matter near the soil surface.



      Symptoms :

  • Seen at the seedling stage (up to 6 weeks after sowing).

  • Affected seedlings turn yellow. Young seedlings may collapse.

  • Uprooted seedlings show rotting at the collar region. The rotten portion is covered with whitish mycelial strands.

  • A white mycelial coating can be seen on the tap root of completely dried seedlings.

  • Affectcd seedlings usually occur in small scattered patches in the field.

Lesions on leaflets

Died infected flowers
Died infected flowers

Control :


  • Avoid high soil moisture at sowing and seedling stage.
  • Remove all undecomposed organic matter while preparing seedbed
  • Grow resistant varieties
  • Seed treatment with Rizolex, Vitavax 200 at 3 g kg -1 of seed.


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