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Citrus crop calendar for june month

Citrus crop calendar for june  month

Name of pests/diseases

Damage symptoms

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Sweet Orange

Leaf miner, Phyllocnistis citrella

Distortion of leaf lamina

Drying  and withering of leaves


1)Spray methyl parathion @ 2ml/l  OR

Monocrotophos @1.5 ml/l  OR

Carbaryl @ 4g/l at new flush periodically


Citrus butterfly

Papilio demoleus

Defoliation of the plant



1)Collection and destruction of caterpillars

2)Spray carbaryl 4g/l  OR

Chlorpyriphos 20 EC @ 2.5 mal/l


Citrus Decline


The leaves become yellow and fall and dieback of twigs. Declining of twigs from tip towards bottom of the tree


Prune dead twigs followed by spraying of Bavistin 1 gm/lit and Kavach/Rovral 2gm/lit


Citrus canker

Cankerous spots on leaves and twigs


Apply copper oxy chloride during rainy season


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