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Citrus butterfly/Citrus dog biology,nature of damage and symptoms


Citrus butterfly/Citrus dog biology, Nature of damage and symptoms

S.N: Papilio demoleus (Papilionidae: Lepidoptera)

Regular and serious pest on all citrus species

Also attacks curry leaves


  • Adult has black and yellow markings on wings
  • Early instar larvae resemble bird droppings
  • Late instar dark green, stout with a pair of hidden red osmetorium which emits defensive secretion when  disturbed


  • Grayish yellow eggs are laid singly on the leaf surface
  • IP- 4 days; LP- 13-21 days; PP- 8-16 days
  • Pupation in the plant and is called chrysalis

Nature of damage:

  • Larva feed on the tender leaves

Damage symptoms:

  • Defoliation of the plant



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