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Chilli Whitefly


Scientific Name : Bemisia tabasi Gen
Family: Aleyrodidae
Order : Hemiptera

Whiteflies are polyphagous pests and occur as an occasional pest of chillies and distributed throughout India, Srilanka, Nigeria, West Africa, Europe and Japan.


Eggs are sub-elliptical, light yellow in color. Adult are moth like, tiny insects, yellowish body covered with
white waxy powder and two pairs of white wings and have prominent long hind wings.


Life cycle:

The female lays 200-300 eggs singly on the undersurface of leaves. Incubation period is 3 to 5 days. Pupal Period is 2-8 days. Nymphal period is 9 to 14 days. Total life cycle completed within 11-21days. About 12-15 overlapping generations per year.

Nature of damage:

The young ones and adults suck the sap while remaining on the ventral leaf surface

Damage symptoms:

  1. Chlorotic spots, leaves become brittle and drop prematurely.
  2. Honey dew excretion results in sooty mould development, Wilting and leaf drop.

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