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Chilli Gall Midge




Scientific Name : Asphondylia capsici
Order:  Diptera

Serious pest in parts of Tamilnadu and Warangal  district (Andhra Pradesh). Noticed only in areas where chilli is grown under irrigated conditions.  

Appearance: Adult light yellowish brown, mosquito like. Full grown maggot is light yellow, very small (about 3 mm in length)pointed at both the ends and legless.


Nature of damage: Maggots feed on the ovary of the flower bud, flower and tender fruits

Damage symptoms

  • Affected bud remains unopened, while the affected flower dries and drops
  • Severe flower and fruit drop.
  • Affected fruits do not develop.       
  • Reduction in yield, fruit size, seed number and production of malformed fruits.  


Damaged fruits due to Gall midge           Small and deformed fruits


Chemical Control :  

  • 3 ml/l neem based insecticides should be sprayed.     
  • Application of acephate 75 SP + DDVP 76 EC @ 250 g+ 250 ml per litre of water.


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