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Chilli Aphid




Scientific Name : Aphis gossypii Glov.  
Family: Aphididae
Order: Hemiptera 
Common  Name : Cotton aphid, melon aphid



Adult are small succulent, pear-shaped soft bodied insects with prominent reddish eyes and cornicles at dorsal surface of the abdomen that vary in color from yellow to green to black. There are two forms; winged sexual forms(black patch  on the back of the abdomen) and wingless forms. Nymphs are  light yellowish green, or greenish black or brownish. 

Aphis gossypii


Winged and immature stages

(Nymphs) Pale yellow to pale green

Life cycle:

Both winged and wingless forms breed Parthenogenetically.The nymphal period lasts for 7-9 days. Adults  live for 2-3 weeks and produce 8-22 nymphs per day. Entire life cycle takes 7-9 days. It has 12-14 generations per year.

Nature of damage:

Both nymphs and adults suck plants sap from tender shoots, stems and leaves 

Damage symptoms:

Leaves are distorted, stunted, and often curled under. The upper leaf surface is sticky and has a black moldy growth (sooty mold). And also it is a vector of mosaic disease.

Distorted and curled of leaves

Sooty  mold

Sticky leaf surface

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