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Chilli aflatoxin

Chilli Aflatoxin

Aspergillus flavus is specific during and after harvest. The infection occurs on stored fruits and the contamination with aflatoxin deteriorates the quality and make the produce unfit for consumption, thereby hitting the export trade in the international market.

  Aflatoxin contamination in chilli     Aflatoxin contamination in chilli 

Chilli fruits severely affected with aflatoxin

Chilli fruits severely affected by Aflatoxin

Chilli fruits affected with Aspergillus flavus

Chilli fruits covered with Aspergillus flavus

Aflatoxin contamination has posed serious problems in commerce and international trade of chillies because of stringent quality standards imposed on aflatoxin contamination by many importing countries.

Causal organism: Aspergillus  flavus

Family: Eurotiaceae

Order: Eurotiales

Class:  Plectomycetes

Sub. Division: Ascomycotina

Effect of Aflatoxins:

  • Deterioration of grain quality
  • Unfit for marketing and consumption
  • Emerged seedling decay
  • Threat to human, livestock health and international trade

Favorable conditions for Aspergillus flavus

  • Late harvesting in chilli - increases Aflatoxin.
  • Moisture content and relative humidity are the most important factors for Aflatoxin  production.
  • Moisture content of 12-20% is congenial for accumulation of Aflatoxin. Most rapid when moisture content is up to 14-30% and RH 85%.

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