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chickpea wilt - a major problem in India

One point that needs to be stressed is that, not one operation (eg. seed treatment) can prevent wilt totally. Some of the following measures in total will help manage wilt at every stage of its spread.

  1. Deep ploughing
  2. Crop rotation - chickpea after sorghum OR chickpea after bajra
  3. Application of castor cake 500 kg/ha at the time of sowing (Recommendations of Pulses Research Station, Junagadh Agricultural University, Gujarat)
  4. Seed treatment
  5. Removal and destruction of affected plants ( infection of wilt starts from the debris)
  6. Application of Farmyard manure (1 cartload) enriched with Trichoderma viride @ 2 kg/acre just before sowing could also help 
  7. Replace the field with wheat, barley and oat in next season
  8. Growing wilt tolerant chick pea varieties

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