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Chickpea Kabuli Variety ICCV 2

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International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics
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Plant Material Description no.22 (PMD) Chickpea kabuli variety ICCV 2
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Chickpea kabuli variety ICCV 2
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Purpose of Identification

This is the first extra-short-duration kabuli line with fusarium wilt resistance, suitable for peninsular Indian environments, where kabulis could not be
grown earlier. It was named Swetha, and released for general cultivation by the Government of Andhra Pradesh in September 1989.

Origin and Development

ICCV 2 was selected from a multiple cross, F3 [(K 850 x GW 5/7) x P 458] x F3 (L 550 x Guamuchil)-2 made in 1975/76. A single-plant selection was made in the F2 generation in 1977/78, and again in the F3 in 1978/79, both years from wilt-sick plots. It was bulked in the F5 generation as ICCX-752770-13P-2PBP and numbered ICCL 82001.

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