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Chemical Weed Control in Tomato

Chemical Weed Control in Tomato Crop

It is an important vegetable crop and very susceptible to chemicals. So, the selection of chemical for weed control in tomato shoud proper. The following weedicide can be used;

  1. Preplant soil incorporation (in transplanted crop): Diphenamid @ 4-6 kg ha-1 or Pebulate @ 0.75-1.0 kg ha-1 or Nitralin/Trifluralin @ 0.75-1.0 kg ha-1 can be used. Determine safe interval betbeen transplantig tomato and herbicide application for each situation. Usually 4-6 weeks interval is considered appropriate. And Napropamide @ 1.0 kg ha-1 is suited for direct seeded crops, Do not use on alkaline soils.
  2. Preplant surface appplication: Alachlore @ 1.0-1.25 kg ha-1 or Fluchloralin @ 1.25 kg ha-1 or Metribuzin @ 0.35 kg ha -1 or Nitrofen @ 1.0 kg ha-1 or Oxadiazon @ 1.0 kg ha-1. Spray these herbicides uiformly in the field for better results.
  3. Preemergence (in direct seeded crop): Alachlor @ 1-2 kg ha-1 . It can be used also in tomato nerseries. Or Metribuzin@ 0.2-0.35 kg ha-1 and Do not use in use in glass house. Or Bensulide @ 4-6 kg ha-1 or Dephenamid @ 4-6 kg ha-1. Do not use it in high pH soils. Also do not tank-mix fertilizers with it.
  4. Post transplant: Metribuzin 0.35-0.50kg ha-1. Apply only after the transplanted seedlings are well established. Or Flauzi-fop @ 0.12-0.56 kg ha-1. Use only in the condition perennial grasses pose problem. Or Bethoxidin @ 0.22-0.45 kg ha-1 Or Cycloxidin @ 0.22-0.45 kg ha-1. These two are very useful against annual grasses.
  5. Post emergence (direct seeded crop): Metribuzin@ 0.28-0.50 kg ha-1. It should be applied when the crop is in 4-6 leaf stage.

Apply these chemicals properly in the field. The slution should cover the crop or field uniformly for better results. The amount of water in the solution for better application and efficiency should be proper. And in case of soil incorporation and field application, the moisture regeme in soil should also be proper for better performance of weedicide.

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