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Chemical Weed Control in Chilli Crop

Chemical weed control in Chilli crop

This is broad leaves crop and very sensitive to chemicals. So, the use of Weedicide should be very carefully. It can be done in the following manner-

  1. Pre-plant soil incorporation (in transplanted crop): Use of Fluchloralin 0.5-1.0 kg ha-1. Either incorporate 4-6 weeks before transplanting or apply with irrigation water in established crop. Or Nitralin & Trifluralin @ 0.5-1.0 kg ha-1. Either of them can be incorporated 4-6 weeks before transplanting depending upon the soil type.
  2. Pre-emergence (direct seeded): Use of Bensulide @ 4-5 kg ha-1. It can try in nursery also. Or Diphenamid @ 4-6 kg ha-1.
  3. Post-emergence (both in direct sown and transplanted crops): Use of Diphenamid (4-6 kg ha-1) or Acifluorfen (spray only in the forenoons) or Sethoxydim @ 0.22-0.54 kg ha-1 or cycloxydin @ 0.22-0.54 kg ha-1 or Fluazifop @ 0.22 kg ha-1.

These herbicides can be used against all type of weeds in the chilli crop. The amount of water in the solution for spraying should be proper for better results. The spraying swath should be proper. When we incorporate the Weedicide in the soil, the moisture regime of the soil should be proper for the best results.

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