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Chemical Weed Control in Cabbage Crop

Chemical Weed Control in Cabbage Crop

This is the Cole crop, and its family is Cruciferae. The control of weeds can be done in the following manner-

  1. Pre- plant soil incorporation: Fluchloralin @ 0.75-1.5 kg ha-1 or Nitralin/Trifluralin @ 0.75-1.0 kg ha-1.
  2. Pre-transplant surface application: Oxadiazon @ 1.0 kg ha-1 or Pendimethalin @ 1.0 kg ha-1 or Isoproturon @ 0.70-1.5 kg ha-1.
  3. Pre-emergence (Direct sown): Alachlor 2-3 kg ha-1 or CDAA @ 4-5 kg ha-1 or Propachlor @ 2-3 kg ha-1 or Chlorpropham Oxyfluorfen @ 0.05-0.25 kg ha-1.
  4. Post-transplant application: Alachlor @ 1-2 kg ha-1 or CDAA @  4-5 kg ha-1 or Nitrofen @ 1-3 kg ha-1 or Isoproturon @0.75-1.0 kg ha-1

These herbicides can be used against all types of weeds in cabbage crop. The amount of water in the solution    for spraying should be proper for better results. The amount of water should be kept 500-800 litres ha-1 for uniform covering of field and weeds. The spraying swath should be proper. When we incorporate the Weedicide in the soil, the moisture regime of the soil should be proper for the best results.

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